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Thank you to those who have participated so far in [community profile] chromaticvision's drabblethon as well as our watchers! We are halfway through our drabblethon and so far we've had tons of wonderful drabbles and drawbles and iconbles.

Listed below are the drabbles posted so far (not including those posted on October 7th). Let me know if there's anything missing or incorrect.

Bloom of Imagination by faviconMerfilly, Kei/Kaneda (Drabble)

Alien vs Predator
Exist, or Live? by faviconMerfilly, Alexa Woods (Drabble)

Lifting by [info]hellkitty, Apone (Drabble)
Pastry by [info]hellkitty, Vasquez (Drabble)

Listening In by [info]clare_dragonfly, Rachel Pirzad (Drabble)
Perfection by [info]clare_dragonfly, Rachel Pirzad (Drabble)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Moonlight by [info]rosehiptea, Katara/Yue (Drabble)

Battlestar Galactica
Sharon/Helo Icons by Bridget McKennitt (Iconble) (Permanent link)
Inner Conviction by Bridget McKennitt, Sharon (Drabble)

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
Life After by faviconMerfilly, Wang Chi/Miao Yin (Drabble)

Blade: Trinity
Like Baiting A Fish by Bridget McKennitt, Blade/Hannibal (Drabble)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Hunter by [info]eerian_sadow, Kendra (Drabble)
zombies by [info]eerian_sadow, Kendra (Drabble)

Coffee Prince
Go Eun-Chan Icons by Bridget McKennitt (Iconble) (Permanent link)
Every Moment Matters by Bridget McKennitt, Go Eun-Chan (Drabble)

Criminal Minds
In His Arms by [info]clare_dragonfly, Morgan/Garcia (Drabble)
Speaker by [info]clare_dragonfly, Jordan Todd (Drabble)

The Crow (1994)
She Won't Listen by faviconMerfilly, Sergeant Albrecht, Darla (The Crow), Sarah (The Crow) (Drabble)

DC Comics
Date Night by [info]gloss, Cassandra Cain/Zoanne Wilkins (Drabble)

The Demon's Lexicon
Image by [info]misura, Sin (Drabble)

Dragon Knights
A Knight Cap by [info]misura, Alefeegi and Ruwalk (Drabble)

At Cafe Diem by [info]misura, Allison and Henry (Drabble)

Eyeshield 21
Breakaway by [info]misura, Panther (Drabble)

Fast and the Furious movies
Win Or Lose by Bridget McKennitt, Letty/Dom (Drabble)

In Vino by [info]misura, Deaq(/Van) + Billie (Drabble)

Final Fantasy VI
Price Of Honor by [info]sidonie, General Leo (Drabble)

Final Fantasy VII
A Man's Drink by [info]eerian_sadow, Barret Wallace (Drabble)

Delicious Coffee by Bridget McKennitt, Zoe (Drabble)

Showmanship by [info]misura, Ban (Drabble)

I'm divine and my mind expands throughout the universe by [info]gloss, Mercedes Jones (Drabble)
Teamwork by [info]xie_xie_xie, Santana (Drabble)

Harry Potter
Notes by [info]clare_dragonfly, Padma Patil (Drabble)
To Open Her Eyes by [info]clare_dragonfly, Padma/Lavender (Drabble)

Untitled by [info]tawny, Seychelles (Drawble)

Hourou Musuko
A Simple Cup of Coffee by [info]destinyislands, Shuuichi Nitori (Drabble)
What Won't Change by [info]destinyislands, Yoshino Takatsuki & Shuuichi Nitori (Drabble)

The Half-Strudel Con by [info]misura, Mickey & Danny (Drabble)

Stuff Your Face by [info]gloss, Tainaka Ritsu/Hirasawa Yui (Drabble)

Kaze no Stigma
Kaze no Stigma icons by Bridget McKennitt, Ayano Kannagi (Iconble) (Permanent link)
Makes Me Smile by Bridget McKennitt, Ayano Kannagi/Kazuma Yagami (Drabble)

Sleep To Dream Her by [info]piecesofalice, Mayama/Shibata (Drabble)

Liberty Vocational
The Spoils of Peace by [info]misura, Charles Washington (Drabble)

Machete (2010)
More Work To Be Done by Bridget McKennitt, Sartana/Luz (Drabble)

Marvel Comics
Better Git It In Your Soul by [info]gloss, Gabe Jones (Drabble)
Remember I Smiled by [info]gloss, Sam Wilson & Eli Bradley (Drabble)
Scars of Your Love by [info]gloss, Colleen Wing/Misty Knight (Drabble)
Street Fest by [info]gloss, Colleen Wing/Misty Knight (Drabble)

Material Girl
(I Want You to) Walk This World With Me by [info]misura, Orlando/Alex (Drabble)

The Mentalist
And the Law Is Just by [info]misura, Cho/Jane (Drabble)

Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Takashi Icons by Bridget McKennitt (Iconble) (Permanent link)
A Cold Breeze by [info]destinyislands, Reiko/Hinoe (Drabble)
For What It's Worth by [info]destinyislands, Taki & Natsume (Drabble)
Home by [info]destinyislands, Takashi Natsume (Drabble)
Nighttime by [info]destinyislands, Takashi Natsume (Drabble)
Similarities and Differences by [info]destinyislands, Natori/Natsume (Drabble)

Okane ga Nai
No Reason by Bridget McKennitt, Kanou/Ayase (Drabble)
On A Picnic by Bridget McKennitt, Kanou/Ayase (Drabble)

Ouran High School Host Club
Baby Steps by [info]misura, Hunny and Mori (Drabble)

Peacemaker Kurogane
A Sky Full of Pink by [info]misura, Hijikata/Okita (Drabble)

Predator 2
Marks Left by faviconMerfilly, Michael "Mike" R. Harrigan, Leona Cantrell (Drabble)

Settlement by [info]misura, Gus (Drabble)
Worse than a Lack of Mustard by [info]rosehiptea, Burton Guster (and Shawn) (Drabble)

Real Person
Agram Darshi, prompt: celebrate by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
Jessica Alba icons by Bridget McKennitt (Iconble) (Permanent link)
Naoko Mori (actress), prompt: smile by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Cherry Blossom Watching by [info]misura, the Four Emperors (Drabble)
Pet the Tiger by [info]misura, Bontenmaru & Benitora (Drabble)

Kate Freelander, prompt: fire by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)

Sherlock BBC
Soo Lin Yaho, prompt: introduction by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)

Silent Hill 2
What Remains by [info]rosehiptea, Angela Orosco (Drabble)

Silent Hill 4
Beautiful by [info]rosehiptea, Cynthia Velasquez (Drabble)

Starship Troopers - Robert A. Heinlein
Best Then by faviconMerfilly, Juan 'Johnnie' Rico (Drabble)

Star Trek Reboot
Nyota, prompt: bright by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
Nyota, prompt: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
Nyota, Sulu, McCoy, prompt: together by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
Sulu, prompt: fight scene by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
Uncharted Territory by [info]sidonie, Uhura/T'Pring (Drabble)
Under Pressure by [info]sidonie, Uhura (Drabble)

Mary/Toshiko, prompt: green by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
Tosh, prompt: broken by [info]dani_meows (Iconble)
From the Diary of Toshiko Sato by [info]dani_meows, Toshiko Sato (Drabble)
Sakura Blossoms In Her Hair by [info]dani_meows, Toshiko Sato/Owen Harper (Drabble)

Transformers (G1)
With Friends Like These by [info]eerian_sadow, Raul (Drabble)

Transformers (Live Action Movieverse)
Robert Epps Icons by Bridget McKennitt (Iconble) (Permanent link)
Dinner Date (Alone) by [info]eerian_sadow, Tech Sergeant Robert Epps (Drabble)
Fight by [info]eerian_sadow, Tech Sergeant Robert Epps/Monique (Drabble)
Lonely Night by [info]eerian_sadow, Tech Sergeant Robert Epps/Monique Epps (Drabble)
scar tissue by [info]eerian_sadow, Jorge "Fig" Figueroa (Drabble)

Mooncake by [info]piecesofalice, Yamada/Ueda (Drabble)

X-Men First Class
No More Nightmares by Bridget McKennitt, Armando/Alex (Drabble)

Yami no Matsuei
The Moon at its Fullest by [info]destinyislands, Hisoka Kurosaki (Drabble)

Young Justice
Untitled by [info]tawny, Artemis Crock (Drawble)

Listed below this cut is the point scoring so far. If you see any discrepancies, please let me know.

*clare_dragonfly: 37 points
*dani_meows: 46 points
*destinyislands: 38 points
*eerian_sadow: 44 points
*gloss: 51 points
*hellkitty: 20 points
*merfilly: 55 points
*misura: 54 points
*piecesofalice: 15 points
*rosehiptea: 22 points
*sidonie: 16 points
*tawny: 10 points

In case you wanted to know where your mods stand in the point scoring, if they were allowed to have points. ;)
Bridget McKennitt: 71 points
xie_xie_xie: 12 points


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