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The fourth round of Chromicons Seven Week Icon Challenge has started. You can sign up here.

Kaleidoscope sign ups are open. The sign ups run until October 8th, 9 pm PST.

And don't forget about our own drabblethon, happening in just a few days!
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Round 2 of [info]chromicons's seven week icon challenge has begun! You can sign up on this post and post your icon set to the community between September 13th and 19th. If you can't participate in the second round, there are plenty more chances.

More information about the challenge.

Don't forget [community profile] chromaticvision's own drabblethon October 1st to October 14th. Spread the word!
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[info]dark_agenda has announced Kaleidoscope, "a multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms."

Official Announcement, Policies, Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions.

Nominations open tonight at 9pm Pacific Time.
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Dark Agenda is hosting a Chromatic Remix to go with Remix Redux.

More information can be found here and Day 1 of Drabblefest Prompts is here.


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