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The question was raised on Twitter about ships for The Dragon Prince and I started to reply to but realized it was turning into a whole post, so...

I fell hard in the first freaking episode for the ships that have been dearest to me ever since, but also for like... all the characters, especially the adults... (Kinda vaguely in order of how much I care...)

Varrai (Sarai/Harrow/Viren) is best ship & form of government, my mind will not be changed.  Pls to bring me all the Everyone LIves AUs with a side of Happy Power OT3 Parents.  The show keeps underlining the importance of their relationship by showing how messed up and out of balance everything is with one gone, talking about the three tools of justice correlated with their problem-solving perspectives, etc. I'm ok with lots of variations... Like maybe they aren't all together all the time or exclusively or the actual romance and/or sex bit is more of King Harrow Timeshare Agreement, or the marriage is largely for formality /convenience / An Oracle Did It... But they have to all like & respect each other & be important.

Virrow (Harrow/Viren) = hot dads basically canon in most of the ways I really care about.  Definitively The Most Important People In Each Other's Lives WIth The Painting To Prove It.  We could have had husbands and that's sad.  We also could have had like, friends to lovers to friendly exes to frenemies who play chess & try to undermine each other's war strategies / struggles to control the fate of the human kingdoms. 

I was already in deep by the time it was clear just how much angst / heart sporking this ship canonically brings.  I like making fluffy AUs cuz they deserve to be happy.  There will always be tension, an edge, arguing... but that can be pretty fluffy when you're not dealing with stuff like assassination attempts. Some of my fav flavors include
- No significant hurt, just dad stuff and pancakes and sometimes breakups cuz Sarai Always Lives
- Hurt with lots & lots of comfort
- They hurt each other & enjoy it, with special subcategory Harrow Admits Dark Magic Is Useful & Also Hot

Viren/Mystery Parent - It seemed like forever til their was any information about the brodigies other parent(s), and I really wanted to fill that space with OCs.  And I wrote stuff and didn't post it, woe, but I guess I still will? If I'm fitting it with another main ship then I'm trying to minimize angst, and IMO Lord Pragmatism & Creative Solutions would totally be up for all kinds of arrangements / experiments / not listening to His Royal Boringness give advice about the proper way to make a family.  Then also there's the thing of, you can have an OC or Mystery Mom and go all in with the romance / smut / love story / etc., but that person is going to have to accept that they will never be first in his heart and life and reasons for sacrifice.  Maybe tied?  Maybe the king and the kids are tied and they're like, right next?

Sarai/Opeli - I Just Think They're Neat and I should really post some fic I guess.

Sarai/Lady Justice - It's canon and great

Sarai/any woman character - & also especially the one lady in the council who's maybe the head of the Crown Guard or not & hopefully didn't die & I'm calling her Panya

Sarai/domming the hell out of everyone

Sarai/Viren's ex - I'm realizing there's a lot of ways to do this & I've only really thought about like 1.5 of them...

Anyone/everyone/Viren - bring it plz thx, but I mostly prefer humans and formed my opinions in S1... have done Gren/Viren & prob will again...

Viren/Marcos - I might have gotten a lot out of the scout report scene & been encouraged...

Corvus/Gren - I was confused for a while & thought they were closer in age, but I still like this ship a lot.  Canonical reasons to think they have spent a bunch of time together & developed trust...


Janaya - I really super like friends to lovers but enemies to lovers can be real good too I want to see them interact more and more Janai everything

Annika/Neha/doing stuff and not dying

Marcos/Soren - they can be cute sweet gay & possibly trans jocks together, shy in different ways & foolish in different ways

Raylium?  Raydium?  Whatever the Claudia/Rayla/Callum ship is called.  I like OT3s and Claudia should have everything and everyone she wants and I believe she can save the world.  

Tink/Runaan and also Tink/Runaan/Rayla's parents 

Lujanne/some husbands or spouses 
Lujanne/a bunch of the guests at your wedding where she is catering with versatile, creative protein sources
Lujanne/fun with with magic
Lujanne can freak my bean anytime, is what I'm getting at here...

Are there any ships I really don't like?  I don't really think of any.  They made everyone hot and mostly interesting and I feel like almost everyone who interacts has at least some chemistry.  I don't really think about shipping the kids, but yes if you write Future Ellis / Future Aanya I will read it. 

Viravos and to a certain extent Rayllum are things I try to avoid cuz I'm not interested and they. are. everywhere!!! and especially like so many Virrow & Viren fan persons sailed away with the sparkly elf and I just... I am happy for them but I just. don't. get it. and it's like it takes energy to deal with that?  IDK.  It's like Bagginshield or Thorki ealier in my fandom experience, but now I write fic sometimes, so in addition to sifting thru content to find stuff that's... not that... I'm also, like, berating myself for not making more and better content.


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