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Oct. 6th, 2011 09:02 pm
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Participants can create for either/both today's prompts or previous days' prompts (the latter on the previous days' entries).

Day 1 on IJ | Day 1 on DW
Day 2 on IJ | Day 2 on DW
Day 3 on IJ | Day 3 on DW
Day 4 on IJ | Day 4 on DW
Day 5 on IJ | Day 5 on DW
Day 6 on IJ | Day 6 on DW

Prompt 1

Description: Night time with the bright lights of Hong Kong.

Prompt 2
When it's over your words are edged in black
and I pretend not to hear you.
- Elli Blow, Synaesthesia

Prompt 3
friends with benefits

Prompt 4
battle scars

Prompt 5
and then you whispered in my ear

Prompt 6+
name | circle | work | time

- Drabbles must have a character of color/non-white character as the focus, whether singular or in a pairing.
- Drabbles are 100 words or in sets of 100 words. Iconbles are 2-4 icons of the same image with different textures/texts/colors/etc. Drawbles are up to the artist's discretion.
- Prompts can be interpreted however you wish.
- Drabbles can be posted in its entirety in the comments of that day's prompts or linked elsewhere (on LJ, personal website, AO3, etc) with header information listed.
- Subject title format: Title, Fandom, Character/Pairing
ambyr: pebbles arranged in a spiral on sand (nature sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy) (Pebbles)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
Two wrinkle-lined faces stared down at Iroh when he opened his eyes. It was often like this after time spent wandering the spirit world--the world of the body blurred, lacked depth--but this time the doubling did not resolve itself when he blinked.

"You cannot keep doing this," said Lo.

"You will exhaust yourself," said Li.

"Your nation needs you." Lo extended a closed hand.

Li matched her sister's gesture. "Your son calls."

As one, they upturned their fists, opened their fingers. Lo's held a single white lotus tile; Li's were empty.

"Which will you choose?" they asked together.

* * *

Lu Ten still cries in Iroh's dreams. The thin, childish voice winds through his sleep, now whispering, now so loud Iroh wonders it does not wake the palace.

Once he would have followed the threads of sound down, down, down. Dreams are a border between matter and spirit. Once he would have passed through.

Now, when the cries come, he forces himself upward. He rises. He brews tea. The ritual actions are calming. The liquid's surface is a mirror, but a prosaic one; it shows no ghosts, only Iroh's own tired eyes.

He drinks, and it holds sleep at bay.
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From: [personal profile] rosehiptea
Wow, these are wonderful. A great insight into Iroh and what pulls him, and how he has his own sadness.
ambyr: icicles fused end to end and wrapped in a spiral around a young tree (nature sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy) (Winter)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
Thanks! That bit of Tales of Ba Sing Se never fails to make me tear up.


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