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Points have been tallied up and randoms have been randomed. In case you're wondering where 3rd place went, 2nd place had a tie. Congratulations to all our winners!

1st Place with 144 points
2nd Place with 135 points
2nd Place with 135 points
Randomized Winners
[info]clare_dragonfly & [info]hellkitty

Winners, please reply to this entry with your email address. Comments are screened.
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Sorry about the lack of communication the past couple of days. Real Life has been kicking my butt (mostly getting addicted to Glitch. I am 2 days away from learning Remote Herdkeeping!). I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon for people to comment if I'm missing their drabble/drawble/iconbles on the masterlist (to score points properly) or if I misspelled/errored in another way on the masterlist (link goes nowhere, wrong character attached to the wrong drabble, etc) before tallying points. The masterlist is long, so long that on the IJ asylum I had to post it in 2 entries, and I want to be sure I'm not leaving anything out by giving enough time.

Once points are tallied and random winners are randomed, prizes will be handed out by the end of the week at the latest.

Again thank you to our watchers and participants for making our drabblethon a wonderful success!

Drabblethon Masterlist

And our drabblethon is over! Thank you to everyone who watched and participated. Below are the drabbles/drawbles/iconbles created for the drabblethon. Please let me know if I'm missing any drabbles or if there's any corrections to be made. Once everything is corrected, I can start tallying up points.

Don't forget, we also have an AO3 collection for our drabblethon for those who want to upload their works.

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As a reminder for those with AO3 accounts, Chromatic Vision has a subcollection for our drabblethon called Chromatic Vision Drabblethon or (or type in 'cvdrabbles' if you've already uploaded your drabbles to AO3). This is optional and not at all required.

If you don't have an AO3 account and would like one, let me know so I can request an invitation for you.
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The Road So Far...

Thank you to those who have participated so far in [community profile] chromaticvision's drabblethon as well as our watchers! We are halfway through our drabblethon and so far we've had tons of wonderful drabbles and drawbles and iconbles.

Listed below are the drabbles posted so far (not including those posted on October 7th). Let me know if there's anything missing or incorrect.

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Listed below this cut is the point scoring so far. If you see any discrepancies, please let me know.

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Somewhere Out There...

The fourth round of Chromicons Seven Week Icon Challenge has started. You can sign up here.

Kaleidoscope sign ups are open. The sign ups run until October 8th, 9 pm PST.

And don't forget about our own drabblethon, happening in just a few days!

Almost There...

We are only a few days away from [community profile] chromaticvision's drabblethon. If you can, please help us out and spread the word! We'd love to have plenty of participants from all corners of fandom. Remember, the drabblethon is not just for writers but fanartists and icon makers as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions from our usual rounds, to answer questions like "Can I create a work based on original characters instead of something fannish?" or "How do I know if [CHARACTER/PERSON] qualifies as a character/person of color?" or even "Do you consider Spock or Gaila from the new Star Trek movie as Characters of Color?"
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Plug: Chromicons' seven week icon challenge

Round 2 of [info]chromicons's seven week icon challenge has begun! You can sign up on this post and post your icon set to the community between September 13th and 19th. If you can't participate in the second round, there are plenty more chances.

More information about the challenge.

Don't forget [community profile] chromaticvision's own drabblethon October 1st to October 14th. Spread the word!

Get Ready...

Chromatic Vision will be hosting a two week drabblethon from October 1st to October 14th. This event, like our previous events, is for all fandoms and all ratings, and RPS is more than welcomed. We want to see not only written drabbles, but drawbles and iconbles (2-4 icons of the same image with different textures/texts/colors/etc) as well.

But wait, there's more. At the end of the two weeks, points will be tallied for every drabble and prizes will be handed out.

1st Prize - $25
2nd Prize - $15
3rd Prize - $10
2 Randomized Winners - $5

Prizes are in the form of e-gift cards to Amazon.com or another e-suitable vendor.

Mods are removed from winning prizes.

Rules and GuidelinesRead more... )

Join us for our drabblethon in October! Tell your friends!

It's Coming...

In a few weeks, [community profile] chromaticvision will be hosting a drabblethon. All fandoms, all ratings, and RPS is more than welcomed. The only requirements for the drabblethon is that each drabble focuses on a character of color whether singular or in a pairing, and that each drabble is 100 words (but can be written in sets of 100).

More details will be made available soon.
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Chromatic Vision Archive

If you have an AO3 account (or if you don't), you can add your fannish work from round 2 to our subcollection on AO3. The archive is purely optional.

*If you don't have an AO3 account and would like to have one, please let us know so we can obtain one for you.
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Everything Old Is New

If you have an older and completed work that features a character of color, and want to participate in [community profile] chromaticvision, you may do so today. Odds are, your work is new to us, and we're all about giving love to characters of color. ;)

Works posted will be included into Round 2's masterlist.
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word from a mod

There are two more days left of posting for Round 2 of [community profile] chromaticvision. For those watching thus far, both IJ and DW comms have had some wonderful works posted already, so if you can, please take the time to comment and show them some love as they've showed characters of color love.

Also a plug for another comm's event. If you'd like to give blanket or otherwise permission to have your fics featuring characters of colors recorded as podfic at DW's Amplification, drop a line here, and to find out more information.
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Posting Begins!

Like the subject title says, posting begins now until the end of April 9th. Everything Old Is New starts April 11th. Amnesty period begins April 15th onward.

Just tag your entries with event: round 2 and whatever fandom/media it belongs to. Don't worry if you don't tag as the mods will do so if you miss anything.

Works can either be posted within the community itself or linked to your personal journal/archive/whathaveyou, as long as the link doesn't lead to somewhere locked.

For those watching the DW comm, you may post there instead and all entries will be included in one masterlist.

Let the celebration begin!
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Hello everyone!

This is your mod letting you know that posting begins for [community profile] chromaticvision in a couple of days on April 5th (Tuesday) to April 9th.

If you have an older work featuring a character of color, you can post it during Everything Old Is New on April 11th.

If you're unable to finish your fannish work, never fear. Our amnesty period is from April 15th until round 3. What that means is that you may post your fannish work without repercussions and it'll be included into the master list.

Good luck and we'll see you on the 5th!
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Halfway Check-In

Hello! This is the halfway check-in date to see how everyone is doing. We hope you're doing well!

Rules & Requirements | Frequently Asked Questions | Drop Out Form | Chromatic Vision Archive info

Important Dates
Posting: April 5, 2011 to April 9, 2011
Everything Old Is New: April 11, 2011
Masterlist Posted: April 13, 2011
Amnesty Period: April 15, 2001 onward
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Plug: Chromatic Remix 2011

Dark Agenda is hosting a Chromatic Remix to go with Remix Redux.

More information can be found here and Day 1 of Drabblefest Prompts is here.
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Sign ups for Round 2 are now closed, with a few extra days thrown in even. *g*

If you missed sign ups, there's still an opportunity to participate in [community profile] chromaticvision. On April 11, 2011, we have what we call Everything Old Is New. If you've created anything that features a character of color within the past year (or years. We won't tell!), you may post it for Everything Old Is New, because odds are, your work is new to us, and we're all about giving love to characters of color.

Posting will be from April 5 to April 9. If you need a place to host either graphics/art/icons or longer fics, please let the mods know so we can make arrangements, whether temporary or permanently.
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Sign ups for Round 2 of [community profile] chromaticvision ends this Saturday. You can sign up either on InsaneJournal or Dreamwidth.

Multiple character sign ups are allowed (and encouraged! :D), in case anyone was wondering.
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Round 2's Theme and Promotional Banners

Friendship, singlehood, love life.

Stresses and adventures of a job. Traveling the world. Sitting somewhere with a favorite hobby.

Show or tell us (whichever you prefer!) the ordinary and extraordinary stories of your favorite characters of colors.

Help spread the word of [community profile] chromaticvision's round 2 with our promotional banners. If you'd like to create promotional banners or icons, fandom specific or not, please let us know!

Sign ups start February 20th.