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Participants can create for either/both today's prompts or previous days' prompts (the latter on the previous days' entries).

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Prompt 1

Or this link to the YouTube video if embed doesn't work for you.
Nothin' On You by B.o.B. ft Bruno Mars

Prompt 2

Description: View of a Hawaiian beach as people swim with Diamond Head Crater in the background.

Prompt 3
late night rendezvous

Prompt 4
this had always been a safe place

Prompt 5
make it yours

Prompt 6+
joy | orange | curious | sitting

- Drabbles must have a character of color/non-white character as the focus, whether singular or in a pairing.
- Drabbles are 100 words or in sets of 100 words. Iconbles are 2-4 icons of the same image with different textures/texts/colors/etc. Drawbles are up to the artist's discretion.
- Prompts can be interpreted however you wish.
- Drabbles can be posted in its entirety in the comments of that day's prompts or linked elsewhere (on LJ, personal website, AO3, etc) with header information listed.
- Subject title format: Title, Fandom, Character/Pairing
eerian_sadow: (epps)
From: [personal profile] eerian_sadow
Prompt: a picture (View of a Hawaiian beach as people swim with Diamond Head Crater in the background.)
Note: follows this response from yesterday.

“Baby, are you sure the kids are okay?” Monique frowned as they made their way from the hotel to the beach.

“Moni, the kids are fine. Will and Sarah are taking good care of them.” Bobby said, with a reassuring smile. “They’re probably not even homesick out at the farm.”

“Are you sure they can handle them? I mean, five kids is a lot and Annie’s not used to so much company and--”

“Babe.” He reached out and pulled her close. “The kids are fine. Will and Sarah are fine. Annie’s fine. Now, quit worrying and enjoy this expensive vacation.”

Beach Scene, Fastlane, Deaq & Van (prompt 2)

Date: 2011-10-12 09:16 am (UTC)
misura: AI8 - Kris carries his guitar (Default)
From: [personal profile] misura
Warm sand. Hot sun. Cool water. Gorgeous women in bikinis.

Perfection according to Deaqon Hayes.

"Here, rub some of this on me, will you?" Van tossed - tossed some sunscreen at him.

Deaq was too mature to toss it right back. "Do it yourself." Also, he really didn't want to get up right now. Sure, they were supposed to be working – unlike Some People, Deaq had paid attention during the briefing, but, well. A man needed his relaxation every once in a while.

"I'll get sunburn. You want me to get sunburn?"

Hopeless. Like talking to a small child.

hellkitty: (Kitten in basket)
From: [personal profile] hellkitty
The Colonial Mayor wrung his hands, looking over the 2nd Bat like they were secondhand goods. Vasquez stiffened as his eyes fell on her. Eh, pendejo, start something, she challenged, jutting her chin. Beside her, Drake stirred, halfway bristling and halfway trying to calm her down.

“This,” the mayor began, after another moment, “has always been a safe place.” Vordian, the new start for some group of religious loonies, the kind that think a man should have two wives. One to suck his cock, the other to cook him breakfast. Asshole.

“Not if you need us, it isn’t,” Vasquez snarled.
sharpest_asp: Head shot of Black Canary of DC Comics (Default)
From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp
Pep Talk (100 words) by faviconMerfilly
Fandom: Alien: Resurrection (1997)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Christie (Alien Resurrection), Vriess (Alien: Resurrection)

Christie tells Vriess how it is.

Icons, The Office, Karen Filipelli

Date: 2011-10-12 03:05 pm (UTC)
gloss: (P&R: Ann/Leslie at home)
From: [personal profile] gloss
prompt: sitting

1 2 3 4
ambyr: a dark-winged man standing in a doorway over water; his reflection has white wings (watercolor by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) (zuko)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
“You know,” Stephen says once, speculatively, while they sit sipping wine, “Now that Bang Bang’s on board--you are sticking around, aren’t you?”

She tilts her glass sideways: maybe. He takes it for a yes.

"--we should run a job in Tokyo. Two gaijin businessmen worth millions, you the wronged woman out for revenge: what do you think?”

She thinks she’ll travel the world with them until they bore her, playing their games in Vienna and Santiago and Johannesburg. But Tokyo is her refuge. Tokyo is home.

Some moments call for unambiguous gestures. She empties her glass over his head.
ambyr: icicles fused end to end and wrapped in a spiral around a young tree (nature sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy) (Winter)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
Jin finds the woman in the alley three days after the city's liberation. She’s curled up on herself, but not enough to hide her split lip and blackened eye.

Like a stray komodo kitten, she’s skittish. It takes smiles and soft words to coax her inside.

“Who are you?” Jin asks, finally, when they’re both sipping tea.

"Joo Dee." The woman flinches. "No. No. That's not me."

Jin bites her lip, wanting to comfort and not knowing how. “Maybe--I had a sister, once. Mei-Zhen. Would you like her name? Until you remember yours?”

The woman--Mei-Zhen--hesitates, then nods.
ambyr: icicles fused end to end and wrapped in a spiral around a young tree (nature sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy) (Winter)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
Nikki stares down at her son, at the curve of his eyelashes and his plump, round cheeks, and wonders how she ever made something so perfect. In the bedside lamp's soft yellow light, his skin glows like some metal too precious to be named.

"Hey, baby," she says softly. He doesn't stir. Time, then.

She slips into her coat and gathers up her things--knives, stakes, crossbow--but her eyes never leave her son.

She has work to do tonight: a date with a demon, a city to keep safe.

But her most important mission is coming back to him.

Re: Icons, Harry Potter, Padma Patil

Date: 2011-10-13 07:26 am (UTC)
rosehiptea: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rosehiptea
rosehiptea: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rosehiptea
Oh wow. Very powerful. I love it.
ambyr: pebbles arranged in a spiral on sand (nature sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy) (Pebbles)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
Thanks! The Joo Dee situation is a mess they're going to be sorting out for a long time, I fear :-/. There are just so many of them.

Re: Make It Yours, Sky High, Ethan

Date: 2011-10-13 12:45 pm (UTC)
sharpest_asp: Head shot of Black Canary of DC Comics (Default)
From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp
+cheers happily+

Joy, Stargate SG-1, Drey'auc

Date: 2011-10-13 07:48 pm (UTC)
lady_katana4544: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lady_katana4544
Prompt 6: Joy
Her joy in life consisted first of her Teal'c and then later of their son when he had come into their world.

When Teal'c became the First Prime of Lord Apophis, her joy increased as did the standing of their family as she knew it would. They were closer now to their god and shared the joy of serving him.

She knew there were those who jealous of what she held her joy, but she shared it with the wives of the other warriors that served with her husband.

Part of her joy was destroyed by her husband betrayed them.

Date: 2011-10-14 06:27 am (UTC)
eerian_sadow: (Default)
From: [personal profile] eerian_sadow
Prompt: late night rendezvous

He wrapped his arms around himself more tightly, wishing he’d remembered to grab his jacket before he left the party. One of the guys would grab it for him, but it didn’t help him now.


“Hey, you came.” The human turned and gave Tracks a weak smile. “I wasn’t sure you could make it.”

“You sounded like you needed me.” The Autobot transformed and sat next to his friend. “What’s wrong?”

Raul climbed the mech’s leg and rested against Tracks’ abdominal plating. “Same shit as always. Someone always thinks I’m not good enough.”

“You’re always good enough for me.”
misura: AI8 - Kris carries his guitar (Default)
From: [personal profile] misura
"You smell of oranges," Tamaki said, beaming and as lacking in discretion or sense of propriety as always. "Things went well with you and Kuze, then?"

"Tolerably well." Kyoya's tone did not invite further inquiries.

"I'm glad." The most annoying thing was how sincere Tamaki sounded. "Good friends shouldn't be fighting with each other."

"Kuze and I are hardly friends."

Tamaki smiled indulgently, as if Kyoya was being deliberately coy, as opposed to completely serious. "Lovers, then."

"And doesn't Dad mind Mom having an affair?"

Not even a blink. "Dad is okay with anything so long as Mom is happy."
ambyr: icicles fused end to end and wrapped in a spiral around a young tree (nature sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy) (Winter)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
Thank you! It may be my favorite of the ones I wrote for this.


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