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Participants can create for either/both today's prompts or previous days' prompts (the latter on the previous days' entries).

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Prompt 1

Or this link to the YouTube video if embed doesn't work for you.
On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull

Prompt 2

Description: A six tiered white wedding cake with black stenciling and white flowers on it.

Prompt 3
"We're all damaged."

Prompt 4
new assignment meant a change of costumes

Prompt 5
out of control

Prompt 6+
laughter | half | glasses | costume

- Drabbles must have a character of color/non-white character as the focus, whether singular or in a pairing.
- Drabbles are 100 words or in sets of 100 words. Iconbles are 2-4 icons of the same image with different textures/texts/colors/etc. Drawbles are up to the artist's discretion.
- Prompts can be interpreted however you wish.
- Drabbles can be posted in its entirety in the comments of that day's prompts or linked elsewhere (on LJ, personal website, AO3, etc) with header information listed.
- Subject title format: Title, Fandom, Character/Pairing
gloss: man gazing into the distance idealistically, backed up by partner (Cap & Falc: so very married)
From: [personal profile] gloss
prompt: costume

When Sam opened the door, Steve remained on the threshold, blinking. Judging from his white knuckles, he was close to choking the wine he held.

"C'mon in." Sam stepped aside. Finally had to tug on Steve's cuff to get him to move.

"Look nice," Steve managed.

"Could say the same of you." Sam touched his newly-cut hair.

Out of costume, they felt ridiculous. Neither wore a tie, but both sported blazer and crisp slacks. They stood like two virgins, shuffling feet, darting eyes. Steve might be comfortable with cowl and shield, but Sam wore civvies more than he wore the wings. This -- this was different. Dress up for a date, you both know you mean business.

Steve probably wished for a HYDRA invasion; Sam'd take a call from the office. Anything to break the tension.

Sam bumped their shoulders. "You okay?"

Steve shoved the bottle at Sam.

"Well now." Sam read the label. Apple juice, not wine. "Thanks."

Steve rocked on his heels. "You look really nice."

"Yeah." Sam grinned. "We covered that."

"But you do." Mulish as hell, that was Steve.

Handsome, too.

"C'mere." When Sam kissed him, Steve yelped, then chuckled. Relief spiraled around them, gaining speed.

gloss: (Sam - hassled by love)
From: [personal profile] gloss
:DDD thank you. They're adorable, and I'm kind of a huge sucker for them together.


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