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rosehiptea ([personal profile] rosehiptea) wrote in [community profile] chromaticvision 2011-10-07 05:05 pm (UTC)

Fall, Kairo ("Pulse"), Michi/Junko

Prompt: When it's over your words are edged in black
and I pretend not to hear you.
- Elli Blow, Synaesthesia

Michi should have known better than to reach out for Junko. She should have known better than to need touch.

"Nothing matters," Junko murmured as Michi kissed her.

How many times had she heard that word, "nothing." It was the only word left to them. Still she held Junko, caressed her face, tried to tell her pretty lies as Junko looked toward the blank wall.

Michi was losing her, and was losing herself. There were too many endings, too much cold.

"Touch me," she said to Junko, urgently, but Junko only closed her eyes and brought them both to darkness.

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